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Soundcages, Atilio Doreste, at Iklectik, Sonic Waterloo 1-9 July 2017

Soundcages is an installation composed of two sound sculptures and two photographs that are the product of an action in the ground of an eucaliptus forest.

The original experience consists of the sweep of a dry leaf-free path. The sound performance through this sweep gives rise to the pair of sound files and the two photographs as documenetation of the experience, and several sacks of dry leaves. This leaves have been enclosed in metal cages designed in such a way that a stereo small and internal loudspeakers can reproduce the relative sound archives.

The resulting installation consists of the arrangement of the sculptures hanging and confronted with two large format photographs. From the hanging sculptures come the audio cables to the conneted reproductive devices. These devices can be internal (by means of batteries) or external (connected to the mains).

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