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Presentation of the Transhumance Soundpath project in Paesagi Migranti 2017. Atilio Doreste

The performances were finally four passes during Artisti in Piazza, Pennabilli Buskers Festival. Thanks to Emiliano Battistini for the technical support, Vincenzo for having believed in the presence of a sound artist, Riccardo and Giacomo for the technical and logistical advices, Irene for the traditional ropes of Pennabilli and to bring the children of the village to the sonic road, to Roberto for the support, Federica Natalia, Stella, Ambra, Veronica and Gloria for the help during the weekend. Thanks to Kevin, Emanuel, Veronica and the others who helped us to prepare the plot of clay. Thanks to the city council that sent us the excavator, Fabio for his amplifier and Claudio for his two stereo boxes. Thanks to Enrico for having believed in the project and to all those who have walked and improvised in the sonorous clay. 1, 2, 3, 4 June 2017 #paesaggimigranti2017

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