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[a016] A simple act – José Soberanes



José Soberanes (Tula Hidalgo, México 1983)

Mexican self-taught composer and recordist, inspired by experiences with people, travels, college life, film scores or sometimes just listening to random sounds. Currently mix digital and analogue instruments, both resources on his sound works, focusing on minimalism sometimes, using field recordings & improvisation (as a main tool). Actually the current founder and manager of Nova Fund recordings, a label based in Tula Hidalgo, Mexico: focused on promotion of contemporary arts and music.

José was performed his work at several cultural avenues in México, collaborated in curatorial projects with several artists around the world. Working since 2005 in sound art and alternative music publishing some singles, ep’s and lp’s on many labels as: Eter Lab, Bitrot Label, Impulsive habitat, abolipop/Suplex, Plus Timbre, WOS, twice removed, soft recordings, whitelab recs, assembly field recordings and many others. Inspired in people like: David Toop, Chris Watson, Sawako, Francisco López, Steve Roden, Celer, Janek Schaefer, Lawrence English, Philippe Petit, Richard Chartier, Asmus Tietchens, Bj Nilsen and many others.


Opportunities? Starting with having the joy of being alive, (in some cases), also to hear, see, smell, feel and exploit relative acts that reflects a success over daily in common compositions: mental or processed, in devices or instruments, whatever. I spent couple of years ago in an insatiable quest of my sound, then either by long hours of quite listening, extensive travel days, collecting my own recordings, anyway. Aesthetics are not relevant (for me), the simple act of being on time and the right place, the have lots of heavy weight and sense in any quest of your own sound or what identifies you within. That’s what I served as a therapy, to relax and to escape from reality on hard times or simply when I feel useless.

“Like a fly bouncing uselessly off a closed window, I'm caught at a moment when the effort of finding new ways to perceive the world” feels just out of reach for me”.

David Toop

Image and sounds by José Soberanes

México 2016


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