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#domesticsounds - Saline di Marsala - Atilio Doreste

To the west on Sicily lies the city of Marsala and its waters, just beyond the sea is Tunisia. I give you this brief geography lesson to help put you in the place of Atilio Doreste’s latest work, Saline di Marsala. For most of us listening to Saline di Marsala we are in a different world, a world we have not witnessed before.

Saline di Marsala is the latest of five web exhibitions hosted by Sono Space, which makes this like no other review I’ve written before. There is no album for you to download, there is just a web page for you to go to and experience. I’ll give you a hint, it only takes about 13 minutes of your time.

Atilio Doreste uses field recordings as performance. But as a musician, Doreste doesn’t overpower the sounds he is recording, he does not become the center of attention. Instead, Doreste’s work is complimentary, no, rather, symbiotic to the world around him. I have always enjoyed his work. You can read my review of his Audiotalia release, Shifting Boundaries that also made my Interesting Albums of 2014 as well. It would be unfair to look at Atilio Doreste as only a field recorder, it would be limiting. A careful examination of this work as well as his other activity, one realizes that there is much more to Doreste’s CV than just sitting down a recorder and pressing the red button.

Saline di Marsala is a sound and sight exhibition contains three photographs, one of which is sampled here. Though one continues track, it is made up of several different recordings. Atilio Doreste does a effortless job of changing audio scenes, I was trying to count the different soundscapes but I was always unsure if we’ve moved or not. Yes, the mood had changed, but had our physical location? Doreste has put together a wonderful recording that you should take the time to experience. Afterwards, like me, download the track for prosperity.

Artist: Atilio Doreste Exhibition: Saline di Marsla Exhibitor: Sono Space Release Date: June 2015 Licensing: Unknown

David Nemeth

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