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[a003] Grabaciones del Territorio Ancestral Cofán - José Ricardo Delgado Franco


Grabaciones del Territorio Ancestral Cofán

- Atmósfera 1

- Atmósfera 2

- Atmósfera 3

- Atmósfera 4

- Canto Abuelo Guillermo Lucitante final

Atmósferas Sonoras nocturnas del bosque húmedo tropical del territorio ancestral Cofán (amazonia colombiana) y una grabación de una curación del medico tradicional, y Abuelo Sabedor cofán de 96 años, Thesi Ai Guillermo Lucitante Yaguaje.

José Ricardo Delgado Franco. Artista egresado de Artes plásticas de la Universidad de los Andes y Magister en Teatro y Artes Vivas de la Universidad Nacional, entre sus campos de exploración están la captura de paisajes sonoros en entornos silvestres.

Colombian sound artist graduated of Andes University located in Bogota in the 2010, between his investigation fields are to record soundscape in natural ecosystem. He has developed his field work in the natural parks and reserve of biosphere The Tuparro (in the cause of the Orinoco River) and fog forest of the Cueva de los Guacharos (in the south of the Colombian west Andes mountains limiting the departments of Huila and Caquetá). He was a forest ranger in this Areas. Also He recorded in the Otun Quimbaya Sanctuary (in the Colombian central Andes Mountain department of Risaralda), in the rainforests the Paujil Reserve (middle Magdalena) among others. With this phonographic material he has done sound installation and sound sections in the Botanic garden of Bogotá and the experimental bar Matik Matik. Sound and images from José Ricardo Delgado Franco.


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