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[a002] Voice of the Nature - Ivo Vicic


Voice of the Nature

Ivo Vicic: Field recording/Phonography, Wildlife sound recording, Location sound recording.

I have been recording sounds of nature for many years. I can be considered a field recordist. You can listen to some of my field recordings here:

Apart from my field recording work, I've been in music production for a long time and now I produce my own music ( I have also made music for various documentaries about nature and/or recorded field sounds for them.

In my music production, I often use sounds from my field rec. sample library. So

metimes I use them as a part of rhythm pattern/loop or as a background atmosphere! In the first place, I like to create certain atmosphere with my music, no matter if it is a rhythm based track or an ambient track. I like to make specific atmosphere!


Few words about my field equipment:

The backbone of my field rec. work are Sennheiser MKH series microphones and Sound Devices field mixer and Sound Devices 744T recorder. Apart from Sennheiser, I use various mics, as well as mic techniques. I have recording experience in traditional microphone techniques like: MS, DIN, NOS, ORTF, AB, but I also record a lot of quasi binaural SASS, which I prefer using when I record natural soundscapes. I made some experiment in binaural recording with dummy head and special silicon-made ears.

In the field, I frequently use parabolic reflector for capturing a delicate distant sounds or to record particular one in a busy surrounding. I record underwater with hydrophones (underwater mics), structural born sounds with contact mics, but more often I simply use MS recording mic pattern in the field.


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